Shipment Dates for Spring ‘21   

We ship every two weeks all year around on Monday morning.


  Thankfully everyone who works here and their families are in excellent health and we hope you and your families are very well too!  

  To follow Dr. Henry’s Covid-19 Directives, we have organized our work times to allow for physical distancing protocols.

  The shop is closed to all but employees who are working one person at a time, or at a very safe distance.  The coffee roasting first, then the coffee bagging, and parcel wrapping lends itself very well to this scenario.  

     If you have any questions feel free to call us at:

 1-877-246-4944 or email me at

Please stay well & be safe!


Your coffee choices are 'roasted to order' and shipped to you on a two, four, six or eight week rotation.   We send you a calendar like this with your personal dates highlighted so that you know when your next shipment is on its way.

    Thank you for all your lovely letters of support while we are in refit, we are so appreciative of our wonderful customers.

April 26 cancelled

May 10***on hold for roaster refit

May 24*

You are most welcome to make any change to your dates or to your order just please be sure to let us know at least one week before your next scheduled shipping date.       

  *If it is a Canada Post Holiday we ship Tuesday morning.

***We are very sorry but we are temporarily not able to roast as our Roaster requires the afterburner to be replaced.  We have decided to install a different new upgraded safety system that will make the roasting not only safer but also much more environmentally friendly.  We are waiting to hear how long it will take for the new system to arrive so will update the website when we hear, but optimistically it would be six weeks.  All our loyal standing order customers  will be receiving a letter explaining the new system and the timeline as soon as we know.  We so appreciate your patience and understanding!  Thank you very much.

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