Shipment Dates for Spring ’20   

We ship every two weeks all year around on Monday morning.

CLOSED for one month due to Covid 19 Virus Precautions

   We thought we might be able to carry on as usual but to protect our employees and customers we will be closing for four weeks and longer if necessary so that they can shelter in place.

 When we are able to start up again we will start with the first available date and continue as usual from then on.  So if your order was due on March 27th or April 13th it will be cancelled and we would try to ship on your next available scheduled date.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but know you understand.

   If you have any questions please feel free to call us at:

 1-877-246-4944 or email me at

Please stay well & be safe!


Your coffee choices are 'roasted to order' and shipped to you on a two, four, six or eight week rotation.   We send you a calendar like this with your personal dates highlighted so that you know when your next shipment is on its way.

            March 30 cancelled

            April 13 cancelled

April 27 (hopefully we can restart)

You are most welcome to make any change to your dates or to your order just please be sure to let us know at least one week before your next scheduled shipping date.       

  *If it is a Canada Post Holiday we ship Tuesday  morning.

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