Questions & Answers

I'm not sure which coffee to order?

We recommend trying half pounds of different varieties at first so that you can try at least four in one shipment. 

We also ship 'surprises', gradually going all the way through the coffee list alphabetically so that you can taste them all.

(We don't send the really expensive ones unless you ask for them.)

Will you grind the coffee for me?

We don't grind the coffee because it takes so much of the aroma and flavour away before you receive it.  The coffee beans are like little packages of goodness that you only want to grind right before using them like cracking eggs at breakfast just before cooking them.

How long will my coffee take to arrive?

If you live on Vancouver Island it is highly likely that you will receive your coffee the very next day after we mail it.  The further away from us the longer it takes of course with shipments to eastern Canada usually about one week.  But about 90% of our parcels arrive within two days.

Will my coffee be delivered to my doorstep?

We can ask that your parcel be left on your doorstep or in your mailbox if you would prefer.  We have special stickers for that.  We also have a 'two pound' coffee bag that fits in most mailboxes.  Just put a note in the comments box on the order form if you would prefer any of these special items.

What if my coffee doesn't arrive on time?

Every parcel has a tracking number so that you can follow your coffee's journey to your home.   But if something doesn't seem right be sure to contact us right away and we can initiate a trace of your parcel.  We have had a few unusual occurences, for instance delivery to the wrong address, etc. but they are extremely rare.  If your parcel is lost we will replace it so that you don't have to worry about that. 

Why do the some of the coffee names and prices change once in awhile?

Our absolutely favourite importer Erna Knutsen, who is famous in the specialty coffee industry, has searched out the most excellent coffee around the world for decades now.  She has long established friendships and partnerships with many growers and is also sent tasting samples each year from many other farms.  Because coffee is an agricultural crop it can be better one year than the next, and supply quantities from different farms can change too.  Prices can go up and down due to demand, crop failures, commodity price and the US dollar fluctations because all coffee is bought and sold in US Dollars.

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