A Quick History

We are a small family owned 'cottage industry' business located on Thetis Island in British Columbia.   We have been roasting and selling our coffee in Canada for 39 years now.  We love our wonderful loyal customers many of whom have become friends over the years.  We even have some grandchildren of original customers ordering now too.  

Our Pot of Gold Coffee is not sold in any stores.  We roast to order and sell directly to our customers so that we can guarantee our quality and freshness and still maintain reasonable prices.  A large portion of the coffee dollars spent on major brands is used for advertising and city overhead and big salaries leaving less room for quality in your cup.  We promise never to dilute the pure quality of our product.  We depend on this web site, a little advertising, and word of mouth for new customers. 

Pot of Gold Coffee Roasting Co. originated with the purchase of Gertrude the Gothot brand Coffee Roaster from Germany in 1976 by Gene Beals. Gertrude was already 23 years old at the time.  In 1982 she came to Thetis Island with Gene and Nan, where all settled happily that summer roasting for boaters, tourists, and island residents.  In the Fall, many called to request more coffee so our mail order business blossomed.  We now have about 525 customers who receive their fresh roasted coffee on a regular basis.

After 55 years of wonderful roasting Gertrude finally got to retire in 2011 after training our brand new bigger machine named Ferdinand.

Pot of Gold is located just ten big steps from our back door. Besides Gertrude and our new roaster, the building contains about twenty five varieties of the best green coffee from around the world in 150 pound burlap sacks stored in our 'Green' House, an office, and the bins, bags, scales, and all the other miscellaneous supplies needed for roasting, packaging and mailing.

We roast every two weeks from the list of standing orders given to us by all you nice folks with good taste.  Your coffee is roasted to order.

The roasting list is compiled on Monday for the printing and paperwork early Tuesday morning.  Then your order is readied for the roasting, bagging and packaging by happy Island elves.  Among the four of them they have over 60 years experience working at Pot of Gold.  

Your order is shipped on the Monday morning ferry to Chemainus, then by Canada Post truck to Victoria that evening. Many Vancouver Island and lower mainland customers receive their coffee the very next day!

Try us – you'll love our coffee & our service! 

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