How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

We believe simple is the best.  If you start out with great and fresh coffee like ours, grind it evenly and finely just before you brew it, and use the proper amount of water to the coffee proportion - you can't miss!  

Our favourite way to make coffee is in a Vacuum Pot but a Melitta* or Chemex style pot does a wonderful job too.  It is most important to have the water just under boiling and some automatic brewers just don't get the water hot enough.  The French Press works well too, but they often call for a coarser grind which doesn't get all the value out of the coffee and because they have more parts they aren't as easy to clean.

Start with a spotless coffeemaker, inside and out.

Use fresh roasted Pot of Gold Coffee ground just before brewing and fresh cold water. 

Be sure the grind is proper for your coffeemaker.  An even and suitable grind is vital.  We think a good grinder is much more important than the coffeemaker.

Measure both the water and the coffee. Use two tablespoons of coffee (30 ml or 1/8 cup - check your coffee measure too) for every six ounces of water (200 ml or 3/4 cup). Adjust to your taste from there.  Each pound will make 40 to 50 200ml servings for about 40 cents each.  (A $17 bottle of wine (750ml) would only give about four 200ml servings at $4.25 each.)

It is very important not to 'water it down' by trying to make the coffee stretch or you won't get all the flavour. (You would never water down a bottle of wine for instance.)

Optimum brewing temperature is 200 F. just below boiling.

Make just enough to serve right away.  Drink it freshly brewed.  Freeze leftovers in ice cube trays for summer drinks.


Take the coffee beans out of the paper sack and store them in glass containers.  Keep an amount you will use in the next two weeks in a cool dark place and put the rest in your freezer to hold them longer.  Don't store coffee beans in the refrigerator or they could absorb refrigerator smells!

Always use the beans while they are still fresh - don't save them for a special occasion!

*We recommend Bamboo filters made by Melitta

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