Map to the Pot of Gold

    Summer Hours:

           Always OPEN 

      Saturdays:  10 to 2

        (unless we are sold out)   

         Closed Days 




            sometimes open 

      Sunday Monday Tuesday

              or by request


 If you are on Thetis Island be sure to come by for a visit!  In the summertime we have extra coffee most all the time, but in the other seasons please call ahead to be sure we have extra coffee available.   All the extra coffee we roast is 'pot luck' and sold on a first come first served basis and when we sell out we are out until our next roasting!  

If you know when you will be here and would like a particular coffee please call or email us with your order so that we can have

                                        it ready for you.    

                                         250 - 246 - 4944     

 Pot of Gold Coffee Thetis Island Pot of Gold Coffee Thetis Island

Look for the little pot sign posts along the road and our Big 'Gold' Pot at the driveway.  

Pot of Gold is located in the building behind our home.  If we are closed for the day we will put up a sign.

 Pot of Gold Coffee Thetis Island

                                 Extra coffee ready to sell to summer visitors

 Pot of Gold Coffee Thetis Island

These are our exclusive Pot of Gold Happy Face Mugs hand made by potter Freya Fullner on Thetis Island.  Every one is unique and one of a kind.  Freya also sells a lovely selection of her pottery at the Saturday Morning Market.                                     

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